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Diverse Learning in Schools

Celebrating cultural diversity is a part of creating global citizens who make a positive contribution to our world. Join me every week as I offer free workshop-style podcasts and many free downloads with resources and ideas for your culturally diverse classroom! 

May 28, 2019

The Brazilian Tradition of Festa Junina in the fall of the year (which is in June for the southern hemisphere) is a great way to introduce some cultural fun for your class at the end of the year or even for the upcoming fall! 
In this week’s episode learn the history, the festival activities and how you can implement this culturally diverse celebration in your class! also has a cheatsheet available for you to download which includes all the links and names of everything we talk about in this epode.
Grab the cheatsheet and a pencil so you can take down notes while listening to this week's podcast and you’ll be all set to implement a Festa Junina lesson or celebration in your classroom! 
Freebies are all at