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Diverse Learning in Schools

Celebrating cultural diversity is a part of creating global citizens who make a positive contribution to our world. Join me every week as I offer free workshop-style podcasts and many free downloads with resources and ideas for your culturally diverse classroom! 

Mar 6, 2019

Traditional Music of Ireland represents the history, the culture and the way the Irish express themselves.
In This episode share with you 5 pieces of music that if used in the classroom as a lesson, could not only serve as a paddy’s day celebration, but also as a way to integrate the arts and how we express ourselves into the lesson.
As mentioned in the show:
The 5 songs:
  • The Bog Down in the Valley
  • The Irish Washerwoman
  • Is trua gan peata - Link:  (song doesn’t start until around 1:30)
  • Down By The Sally Gardens
  • The Connemara Cradle Song
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Download the lesson for William B. Yeats
Link to the Respecting Diversity In the Class Facebook group