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Diverse Learning in Schools

Celebrating cultural diversity is a part of creating global citizens who make a positive contribution to our world. Join me every week as I offer free workshop-style podcasts and many free downloads with resources and ideas for your culturally diverse classroom! 

Sep 23, 2019

Today I want to talk specifically about the Cultural Arts. This is a fun topic because there are so many beautiful traditions and believes expressed through the arts from all over the world.  The beauty of it is far greater than most students actually comprehend. Dive in with me today as I share a little about the...

Sep 9, 2019

Stop searching for more! Learn what happens when you say Yes to too many things. Learn how to be in your moment and why this is best for your students. 
Join us Inside our private Facebook group where you get more information about all the ideas I share in this podcast AND connect with a community of teachers who also...

Sep 2, 2019

Today we talk about saving time by getting rid of your to-do list. Learn how to turn that long list into scheduled items in your calendar and get rid of the to-do list overwhelm! 
Get our free scheduling templates for time download and learn how to use them efficiently with this episode. 
Free Templates for Time...